Cu Chi used to be a fertile land with an abundance of forest and tropical fruits. After suffering from chemical poisons, napalms, and B-52 bombs, the region turned into a vast, empty field that was full of ashes, but the brave and local people stayed to fight for their freedom. They built a fish bone underground system to hide and connect houses and villages together. On the surface, countless traps and mines were placed and therefore made it hazardous for the Americans to come near. Are you curious about how the Viet Cong soldiers lived around there? Let take time to join with your local guide in this tour !

DEPARTURE TIME 7:30 AM or 1:30 PM  Every day
DURATION 6.5 hours
English-speaking guide Cool-towels and Mineral Water (1 bottle/person)
Entrance fees

Meals as Noodle Soup “Pho”

Air-con car/van picks up and drops off
NOT INCLUDED Tipping/Gratuities                   Travel insurance

First of all, you will be welcomed from your guide provided by Vietnam Holidays Travel and go ahead to Cu Chi. On the bus, do not miss the Southern Vietnamese scenery en route to the Cu Chi District with rice paddies and traditional villages around here. All will make you feel an interesting contrast between the tranquil life here with the busy life in Ho Chi Minh City and understand more the rural scenery and the famous Cu Chi Tunnels in Southern Vietnam.

As you know, these narrow Cu Chi tunnels used to provide enough space for a person to crawl their way through. There must be an opportunity for you to visit the shooting range to fire off a few rounds with an famous AK-47 of Carbine rifle.

Next, arriving at Cu Chi Tunnels, you will climb through an impressive 155-mile (250-km) long tunnel network, and visit a typical gun shooting area. You can see some of the most famous underground networks of pathways, hideouts, sleeping quarters, meeting rooms, hospitals, and Hoang Cam Stove.

Moreover, during this tour, you will also explore the Ben Dinh sections of the tunnels where you can understand what life might have been like for the Viet Cong soldier, scheming and fighting from deep underneath of the Vietnamese ground in the past.

Ending the visit to Cu Chi Tunnels, the tour guide may provide for the tourist an unique experience and very impressed about Vietnam’s history.

Local contact

Office phone number: +84 (0) 903 88 55 03
Email address: [email protected]


7:30 AM

Pick up at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh and go a head to Cu Chi Tunnels

7:30 AM-12:30 PM

  • Experience in crawling into Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Visit Gun Shooting Area
  • Watch documentary video at the Movie Theatre Room
  • Visit Huge bomb craters, underground kitchen, and Museum of Self-made Weapons
  • Visit Garment-factory Ammunition & Souvenir Shops ·
  • See Hoang Cam Stove: Where the food supply for the entire tunnel system

12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Turn back and drop off at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

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